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If you are considering commissioning a unique watercolour painting of your pet, my prices start at 200 GBP for an A4 portrait. Please email me for more information at or you can receive a quote by completing the boxes below. I work from photographs, digital or traditional. Large resolution digital jpg photographs can be emailed to me (Each jpg image ideally should be no lower than 1MB in resolution). You can also post traditional, original photographs - all photographs are treated with great care and returned to you on completion via recorded delivery.

It is very important that the images are sharp; I cannot work from an image that is blurred. I prefer to have many images to choose from in order to create a pleasing composition. I will then ensure you are happy with my choice of pose before proceeding with your painting. Please allow up to six weeks from that point until the painting is completed.

If you live in UAE and would like me to visit your home or farm to take photographs of your pet or animal and then create a unique painting, please send me your request via email:  please note there will be an additional charge for my time to visit you at your home or farm. 




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Please tell me a little bit about the character of the animal and any other relevant information you think I need to know, for example if you require the painting to be completed by a certain date for a birthday present, etc:
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You have the option of including a JPG or JPEG of the animal to be painted.  All images will be treated confidentially and sent via email to Caroline.  Please ensure that your image follows the guidelines below.
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Must be in jpeg or jpg format.  Must be less than 5MB in size.  Please provide sharp, clear images preferably taken in natural light.
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Sending a large image via email can take time.  You will be notified when your quote has been successfully sent.

Caroline will get back to you at the email address provided within 48 hours from receiving your quote details.
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